Beauty and the Poof

First Date

After making months of persistent (and often erotic) advances with no reciprocation from the bootylicious Cleo, Charles decided that, perhaps, his darling was a more traditional lady doge. A lady doge who took her time, because she knew she was worth it. He turned back the dial, and began to woo her slowly: snuggling, cleaning her ears, and whispering stories to her for hours, often all night long. Eventually, Cleo caved into going on a date with her energetic suitor.

Charles, vibrating with joy from the shock of Cleo’s acceptance, and knowing this would be the most important date of his life, wracked his brain for ideas. Inspiration (or was it divine intervention?) thrust him into a memory of Cleo mentioning that her mommy loved Dave & Buster’s. He knew she was sneakily dropping a hint.

Keeping the destination secret, Charles took Cleo out for pizza. When they finished, he slowly led her up the stairs at Hollywood and Highland.

He watched Cleo’s eyes diligently, which became even bigger and lovelier as her radiant excitement quickly engulfed her.



On arrival, Cleo forgot to play coy – shaking her whole body back and forth in happiness. The new couple spent the night playing all the games, every single one. Cleo realized that men might not be so bad after all. As Charles won his 100th consecutive round of Dance Dance Revolution,


Cleo realized she might be falling in love.




She went to the bathroom and secretly rolled around on her back, scratching and twisting with happiness.




When the night was coming to an end, Charles asked Cleo on a second date. He couldn’t help but notice the glowing happiness shining from her eyes.


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