Meet the Maid of Honor


Bella Visser

A dedicated piece written by Aleks Visser, Cleo’s mommy

Age: 7.5 years

Breed: Terrier mix

Once upon a time, Bella was a little puppy in a window who her future mommy saw and just could not resist. Although originally adopted against the wishes of her soon-to-be grandparents, Bella quickly managed to charm the entire family, making them slaves to her every whim. She soon became queen of the neighborhood – then dog regent of greater Los Angeles. She cared about only one thing: power.

There was only one dog who had long been prophesied to break her dark curse – her step-sister Cleo.

After the casualties of Bella’s growling reached terrifying levels, the dogs of Los Angeles united in one final battle and managed to force a meeting between the stepsisters. Even those most devoted to the prophesy were amazed when Bella’s cold heart melted, and she ran to cuddle with sweet Cleo. The dark curse was instantly lifted from the land, and the dogs lived in harmony and peace.

It is with pleasure that we announce the only dog Cleo would ever choose as her maid of honor – her best friend, Bella.

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