Beauty and the Poof

Beauty and the Poof

Wedding Image 1
“Do you trust me?” -Charles


When Charles first set eyes on Cleo, he was instantly hooked. Big brown eyes, bodacious booty, and a shiny coat of bougie excellence. So powerful was the drug of her beauty, that he made love to her for hours straight.

Cleo, while certainly flattered by the undivided attention and passion coming from the tiny ball of fluff, was not so quick to accept her fate. Who was this man? What was his favorite toy? Was he a belly rub or an ear scratch kind of guy? Did he like his morning kibble grain-free or flavor blasted?

She was curious, but hesitant.


Wedding Image 2
“I want you to draw me like one of your French girls.” -Cleo


Eventually, when Charles overcame the erotic frenzy of love at first sight, he began to show Cleo his softer, more sensitive side. He whispered sweet nothings as he kissed her ears, cuddled against her belly when she felt lonely, and paid careful attention to her every move like he was afraid to miss a single moment of her supremacy.


Cleo had never been treated this way by a man. 


Soon enough, the mere sight of Charles walking through the door made Cleo rejoice. Her tail flew through the air, banging against furniture and spilling drinks; a chaotic demonstration of the passion they now both shared.


Playtime, kisses, cuddles, repeat. This was the blossoming rhythm of their epic love.


With their destiny as lovers unquestionable, it was only a matter of time before the furry couple vowed to commit to their relationship for life. Follow them on their wedding journey, and their many adventures to come. Save the date, June 11th, 2017.


Wedding Image 3
“I’ll never let go, I promise!”

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