Beauty and the Poof

Beauty and the Poof

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“Do you trust me?” -Charles


When Charles first set eyes on Cleo, he was instantly hooked. Big brown eyes, bodacious booty, and a shiny coat of bougie excellence. So powerful was the drug of her beauty, that he made love to her for hours straight.

Cleo, while certainly flattered by the undivided attention and passion coming from the tiny ball of fluff, was not so quick to accept her fate. Who was this man? What was his favorite toy? Was he a belly rub or an ear scratch kind of guy? Did he like his morning kibble grain-free or flavor blasted?

She was curious, but hesitant.


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“I want you to draw me like one of your French girls.” -Cleo


Eventually, when Charles overcame the erotic frenzy of love at first sight, he began to show Cleo his softer, more sensitive side. He whispered sweet nothings as he kissed her ears, cuddled against her belly when she felt lonely, and paid careful attention to her every move like he was afraid to miss a single moment of her supremacy.


Cleo had never been treated this way by a man. 


Soon enough, the mere sight of Charles walking through the door made Cleo rejoice. Her tail flew through the air, banging against furniture and spilling drinks; a chaotic demonstration of the passion they now both shared.


Playtime, kisses, cuddles, repeat. This was the blossoming rhythm of their epic love.


With their destiny as lovers unquestionable, it was only a matter of time before the furry couple vowed to commit to their relationship for life. Follow them on their wedding journey, and their many adventures to come. Save the date, June 11th, 2017.


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“I’ll never let go, I promise!”

The Bells Are Ringing

Hi fans!

Dressing for wedding season can be hard – especially for us fashion-conscious doges, it’s always of paramount importance to try not to upstage the bride. For spring/summer weddings I always love to throw in some floral accents and bright colors, and I find a simple neck-piece can really pull an outfit together! Shout out to my half-sistra Bella for helping me come up with this look!

Over and out, 



Virginia Woof

Hey fans, 

Scarlett here again with some fashion tips for your week…

I always love to chew on a good book – I must admit I’m a true bookworm. This week, I’m so excited because my auntie Claudia crocheted me a custom bandanna that is perfect for a night in tearing up pages. I can’t wait to cozy down with this fashionable piece and enjoy some well-deserved ME time. Shop more fabulous looks for the trendy canine, coming soon — look out for the link! 

Xxx Scarls


How Charles Came Home


I traveled late in the night to visit the baby Pomeranian for the first time, and I arrived well past his bedtime. I sat down and waited anxiously until a small cotton ball was brought to me in the palm of a hand, his eyes fighting sleep with determination. I was in awe– he was so tiny! I was afraid to touch him for fear of breaking his microscopic bones, despite the breeder’s assurances that he was much sturdier than he looked. I just let him stand on my chest, watching his eyes droop down, down… then up! And again. He was incredible. 

A couple weeks later, when the puppy was old enough to come home with me, I drove to the desert again. He was bigger than when I first saw him, but still very small. We looked into each other’s eyes, his stupid puppy innocence reflecting my equally stupid uncertainty. My ears were practically ringing at this point with the lectures I’d received about the responsibility, the money, the regret.

But I knew I needed this fluff in my life. And this fluff’s name would be Charles.

The two hours it took to drive home were maddening. I couldn’t take my hand away from him because he instantly began crying. With every brake, I was terrified he would fly into the windshield. All I could think about was how tiny and fragile he was, how quickly this was happening, whether I was ready. Also frustrating was my inability to read his mind. Was he scared? Carsick? Sad? Did he like me? I feared being the villain in this little angel’s life. 

But it only took a few days for Charles to solidify himself as my son, and not my liability. 

He happily greeted the swarm of girls surrounding him in admiration upon his arrival. He slept peacefully in the blanket I bought him. He nibbled my finger affectionately with his sharp teeth, which hurt, but also dissolved my perception of his impossible fragility. Within a couple days, he followed me around with every step I took, regardless of the fact that he could barely walk himself, and carried himself in a sort of hobble.  He even stayed strong through bath time. 

Today, Charles is a charming young dog and loved member of the community. He has brought immense joy to my life, and I have not had a single second of regret about him since that drive back home. 





Mommy loves you, Charles.


War and Peace

IMG_0300A weekly look at canine fashion by Scarlett

“Hey guys, it’s Scarlett (Cleo’s sister) here. As I hope you know, chokers have been a thing for a bit now. So, obviously, the fashion community has moved on to the modern version of the choker: the bandanna. Perfect for festival season, bandannas returned to vogue at the ideal time. For some #inspo check out my Coachella look below! Xxx Scarls”